We promote the work of instrumental composer Peter MacCalman whose commissions include art installations, animations, computer games, film, theatre and performances.


Peter recently premiered his first symphonic scale work; Symphony No.1 for String Quartet and Piano in Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow.

(NOTE – the music begins at 7 minutes 25 Seconds. There is an introductory slideshow show exploring the chronological and semantical development of the word Symphony from the 3rd century BC to the modern day. This visual introduction is the first movement of Symphony No.1 and then there are three musical movements.)

Peter’s biggest commercial project to date was a score for a Playstation / Xbox game based on the Evil Dead II film starring the voice of original actor Bruce Campbell, which sold in excess of 4 million copies. The original score is owned by computing publishing giant THQ so it is not possible for it to be broadcast but we can use the demo below which won the project commission.

Other recent works include:

The Merchant Sonata, first performed as part of the Scottish Music Centre’s Composer Marathon during Glasgow Concert Halls Minimalist weekend in the Old Fruitmarket, March 2012.

Counterpoise: commissioned by the Arches Live! Festival 2007.

Theatre play We’re The Believers performed in the Arches in 2008

String arrangements for Unkle Bob’s 1st and 2nd albums; “Swans” was used on the hit US TV show Grey’s Anatomy.

Some reviews of Peter MacCalman’s work:-

At just 20 minutes long, Counterpoise was one of those quintessential Arches Live! delights; sonorously atmospheric live music composed for string quartet by Peter MacCalman, an installation of titled metal railings, angled planks and various light sources (Danny Holcroft) and three female dancers working down the length of a vast arch, placing sculptural movements – balances, yogic stances, stretches – in considered juxtapositions against inanimate objects. A simple idea, maybe, but caringly thought through so all the elements came together effectively, proving memorable for all the right reasons.

The Herald


The melodies are straight out of a horror film (think frantic), they build the sense of urgency and danger. – 2003



And … music just for fun !