Coronavirus Refunds

Refund sections 19-21 of Terms & Conditions below:

19. Any refund due within 180 days from the purchase of tickets will be paid using the same payment method used to buy the tickets and will be within 30 days for credit / debit cards or within 14 days for Paypal accounts. Any refund due after 180 days from the purchase of tickets will be transferred to a bank account once the customer provides a valid sort code and account number or a paypal account once the customer provides a valid account email, both within 14 days from when those details are confirmed. If the customer does not have access to a bank account or paypal account then they can request a refund by cheque but there will be a charge of £2.25 for recorded delivery which will be deducted from the total value of the refund. PM Music will contact the customer directly about refunds over 180 days providing the same details above by email; if you have not heard about your refund then please feel free to contact us on . The 180 day period is in line with the refund policy of Paypal, our online payment partner. 

20. Once the 30-day announcement period has expired (see paragraph 16) and/or the event has been officially been announced cancelled, any refund will be paid within 30 days from the date of cancellation or from the date that PM Music receives the customer proof of purchase email or in the case of purchases made beyond the 180 day Paypal refund period (see paragraph 19) then from the date PM Music receives customer payment details, whichever is later.

21. Refunds will remain valid for collection for 180 days only after the date of the event or any rescheduled date of the event.