Glasgow’s Acoustic Affair promotions take an admirably open approach to programming

Rob adams, The Herald

Described as “a platform for songwriters”, The Acoustic Affair has over the last few years presented contemporary songwriting by outstanding performers

Norman Chalmers, Scotsman

Over the last few years Glasgow’s Acoustic Affair has provided a platform for some great Scottish talent, supporting both artists who are already established and admired, and a fair few whom Peter has introduced to us, and who’ve gone on to become great favourites on the radio show.

Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

The Acoustic Affair gigs are a rare opportunity for artists to perform their songs as they were meant to be heard… with passion and power. I’m a big fan of these acoustic shows.

Billy Sloan, Radio Clyde/ Daily Record



This is a rare treat featuring some of the best Scots songwriters such as James Grant, Carol Laula, Karine Polwart and the River Detectives. There’s some glorious gems that deserve to be discovered – Kieran Docherty and Greenock-based No.1 Son, the sweet, pure vocals of Irish girl Karan Casey and Benny Gallagher’s The Salt of Her Tears. Brighter, the track from Unkle Bob, is simply beautiful and will have you checking out there other material. A delightful album and only Volume One which hopefully means there’s more of the same to come.

4/5 The Sunday Mail

The variety of style is probably too wide for one person’s taste, but the quality remains high. Love And Money’s James Grant kicks off with mid-Atlantic smoothness, Karine Polwart meditates in chiming metaphor, Clive Gregson and Jaqueline Sharp visit mid-period John Martyn, jazzy Sophie Bancroft hits a feathered groove and Carol Laula astonishes with her voice control.

Norman Chalmers, Scotsman

Proving both the immediacy and strength-in-depth of Scotland’s twangtastic acoustic scene: thoroughly recommended.

Tom Morton – BBC Radio Scotland

Fans of old heads Carol Laula and The River Detecives will enjoy their offerings, but surprisingly sophisticated newcomers Unkle Bob and No 1 Son are the real reason to get excited.

The Daily Record

This is real music from really good performers who know exactly what they are doing – hiding behind nothing – not even the thinnest wall of sound. More please!

Frank Hennessy – Celtic Heartbeat – BBC Radio Wales

The Acoustic Affair is a Glasgow-based promoter of upcoming Indie, folk, jazz and rock artists, their mission to showcase “the best musical acts in stripped-back performances”. And here they are, gathered together on this recent release from Glasgow-based Indie/Celtic roots label Vertical Records. ‘Twelve of the Best’ is an engaging, unhurried, intimate album. There’s a good mix of well-known musicians alongside excellent upcoming talent, and female musicians are fairly well represented too. Sophie Bancroft, Karine Polwart, Karan Casey, Jacqueline Sharp and Carol Laula occupy the girls’ corner, their rootsy songs lending distinction to the album – Sophie Bancroft’s sassy, sultry vocal on the jazzy ‘Hot and Cold’ and Karine Polwarts’s exquisite ‘Holy Moses’ are standouts. The men of The Acoustic Affair aren’t afraid to lay their feelings bare, either. Benny Gallagher’s ‘The Salt of her Tears’ is a sad, sad percussion-led song, while Kieran Docherty employs rhythm and lyricism to great effect on the excellent ‘Fall From Grace’. I loved Clive Gregson’s deft, crisp delivery of ‘Antidote’, No 1 Son’s beautifully melodic ‘Event of the Season’, and the emotive, soaring string arrangement of Unkle Bob’s ‘Brighter’. James Grant, The River Detectives and Sporting Hero complete the album’s impressive list of participants. Definitely worth investigating if you want to check out a snapshot of a singer-songwriter scene that successfully embraces several music genres. And it looks like Volume 2 is in the offing too. review –

If there’s anyone wanting to hear what Scotland’s best songwriters have to offer, serve them up this treat. A must have album.

The Lick Mag